Pour It Out Ministries was founded by Ben and Jodie Hughes in 2009 following a distinct and urgent call from the Lord.

Pour It Out Ministries has ministered extensively throughout Australia (including extensive time in regional and country areas), New Zealand, Fiji, Asia and America.

The mandate of Pour It Out Ministries is to ‘pour out’ the oil of God’s presence and power in the nations. Ben and Jodie’s hearts are consumed with passion and love for Jesus and to see the manifestation of His Kingdom and revival come to the hearts of His people, and to their churches, communities and nation.

In 2012 Pour It Out Ministries felt led to plant their first church and ministry base on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. With great excitement, Pour It Out Church | Sunshine Coast was birthed in May 2012. In March 2014, Pour It Out | India was planted.  This exponentially increases the impact and capacity to pour out in Australia and the nations.

Pour It Out School of Supernatural Ministry, or Pour It Out Super School as it is affectionately known, was launched in 2013.  This has equipped, encouraged and released many into their own unique calling, marking each student with a passion for revival and valuing presence prioritised ministry.

Pour It Out Ministries combines breakthrough worship with presence-prioritised ministry.  They are known for being authentic and real, whilst communicating now and relevant prophetic words.  They are anointed to lead people into the manifest presence of God for themselves, and releasing an atmosphere pregnant with revival.  Signs, wonders and miracles have marked their ministry, with many experiencing healing and entering into new passion and freedom with God.

Ben and Jodie Hughes carry breakthrough and revival and release joy and hope where ever they minister.  It is common for extended, prophetic worship and realms of glory to breakout as they minister, with people being healed even as they worship.  Intimacy with God is awakened and people are drawn into encounters that awakens a deep hunger for more, and sparks personal revival.

On a practical level Pour It Out Ministries facilitates conferences, Supernatural School Intensives and Mobile Super Schools, Prophetic teaching, Healing encounters, Revival, worship events, weekend and church services. Their heart is for the local church, to equip and encourage, and impart passion for Jesus.  They are available for booking.

Why are we called Pour It Out?

Pour It Out comes from a direct reference to Zechariah 4, especially verses 11-14. This is a foundational passage of scripture for the ministry after a supernatural encounter with God in the middle of the night. This is Pour It Out’s mandate and mission to firstly receive, and then “pour out golden oil… worldwide”.  We are passionate about pouring out his presence and power.


We believe that a spiritual Awakening is increasing around the globe, awakening multitudes from slumber into passionate pursuit. Its harvest time and hunger and love for Jesus is increasing. Signs, wonders and miracles are on the increase. Many are experiencing supernatural encounters and manifestations. Angelic encounters are becoming more common. He is restoring revelation of resurrection life, and sounding the trumpet of awakening! There is a harvest of souls that are coming into the Kingdom and God is raising up every person into the fullness of their unique call and giftings.

As in the bible, angels are still ministering to people. Whilst angels should not be worshipped, neither should they be ignored. Many worldwide are reporting an increase of angelic experiences and Pour It Out Ministries is no exception, with many reports of angelic singing in worship, sounds from heaven, and angelic activity whilst ministering.

OUR STORY: An angelic encounter that marked us

“At approximately 12.30am one night as we slept, we were suddenly woken. Ben felt what can only be described as electricity coursing through his body in increasing intensity. Jodie saw a 10 foot tall angel standing at the end of our bed staring intently at us. We both screamed… and then screamed some more! 🙂

What came to mind was the Rick Pino song, “The Lord is with you mighty warrior”. A thick presence of God descended and in the weeks following a weighty, heavy fear of the Lord manifested in our lives. We were taken into a season of sweet, intimacy with Jesus.  We knew this was a marker… a sign in the road… a turning point from which there was no turning back. We were marked for with a new passion for God and revival.

The next morning God released some revelation about the encounter and led us to Zechariah 4 which talks of being awakened from your sleep by an angel, and pouring out the oil of His presence and power. We believe we were visited by an angel of Awakening. An urgency to pray and believe for harvest was imparted. These bible verses and life changing encounter have become foundational to Pour It Out’s mandate and mission and name.

Many others are having similar encounters, and being awakened into new realms of intimacy, urgency and passion to serve God. Its time to arise! God is calling many to carry the fire of revival all over the nations. God is calling in the next generation of Revivalists, Reformers and nation shapers.  Its time to bring heaven to earth as we partner with His Spirit awakening our generation into all God has for them.  This pursuit of His heart has ruined us for the ordinary.”

Why The Logo?

The Koru being an iconic New Zealand image, is stylistically incorporated into our logo paying homage to Ben’s Kiwi heritage. The koru is the Maori name given to the new unfurling fern frond and symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace. Extending this line of thinking, Pour it Out Ministries seeks to bring resurrection life to all those they minister to and pour out life giving oil from the Father. Just as the Koru fern frond unfurls, we pray that as the spirit breathes life on hungry people that a generation will arise, awaken and bring heaven to earth.


The swirl represents the Glory. It is deliberately designed to stylistically represent an ever expanding portal of his Glory and presence emanating from heaven to earth.

The ORANGE is chosen to identify with the Glory of God and that unique, bold creative edge that stands out in a crowd and shouts loudly. Just as orange is unique, the church is called to new realms of unique creativity and visionary freedom. Orange, representing the creative edge, is being restored back to the Kingdom.

The design also represents a wave. A key verse of Pour It Out is Isaiah 59:19 NIV which says, “…for He will come like a pent-up flood, that the breath of the Lord drives along”. This orange swirl speaks of the pent-up flood of His Spirit that is increasingly being poured out.


The orange colour also symbolises Fire! It speaks of the orange/yellowy flames of burning fire and glory.

John the Baptist said in Luke 3, “I baptise you with water. But one more powerful than I will come…He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and with fire!”

Daniel 7:10 says that “a river of fire was flowing, coming out from before him!”

Hebrews 1:7 says “He makes his angels winds, his servants flames of fire”.

These are the days where God is sending his burning fire down upon his people. Our cry is that the flames would burn bright in each of us.