Pour It Out Church on the Sunshine Coast, Australia meets every Sunday at 9:30am & 5pm.
During our 9:30am service we have our very exciting and fresh PIO Kids Church.

Our 9:30am service:  This service goes from 9:30am-11:30am. During this service we have a full amazing PIO Kids Church program where our Kids experience His presence and be equipped and activated in Kingdom life and ministry, learning things like: who they are as Sons and Daughters of the King of the Kings, hearing the voice of God, moving in the prophetic, healing the sick, as well as being trained and equipped in the word of God. We are passionate believers that there is NO LITTLE HOLY SPIRIT! We are so excited about PIO Kids Church.

5pm service:  This service has extended worship and ministry.

PIOYOUTH: We have a thriving on fire youth, many of which who have had radical encounters with Jesus during the extended Revival Meetings we have experienced during the past 12 months.  Our Youth meet at the Church at 7pm on Fridays. (Finishes at 9:30pm)

There are many other events and happenings in the life of Pour It Out which you can find out about via our Sunday services or being on our “Keep me in the loop” mail out list.  To join CLICK HERE

You are welcome!


49 Industrial Ave, Kunda Park. (Just off Old Maroochydore Rd)


Revival:  Personal | Regional | Global


The mandate of Pour It Out Ministries is to receive and ‘POUR OUT’ the oil of God’s presence and power in the nations (Zech 4).


Awakening and equipping our local church family, and wider community to host and release revival and live in passionate pursuit.

We purposefully:

– We intentionally celebrate God’s goodness and the greatness within each of you and speak life over your heart journey and destiny.

– Purposefully facilitate personal and corporate encounter with Jesus in an atmosphere and culture of revival, freedom and empowerment to thrive.

– Intentionally resourcing, demonstrating and facilitating a missional lifestyle.

Host and release an atmosphere of Hope and Expectancy:
– Creating an environment of expectancy that will enable and sustain the power and presence of God, individually and corporately.

Determine to live in and provoke Passionate Pursuit:
– Constant, intentional pursuit of authentic encounters with the tangible presence of God that impact and transform.



We are firstly presence-prioritised and this flows into every area of our church family as we seek to host His presence well.  We particularly carry a passion for breakthrough worship, raising up a mature, prophetic voice in this nation, and releasing an atmosphere of contagious hope and revival.

You will find our gatherings impart hope, and a sense of all things are possible with God.  We regularly see people hearts and bodies healed, and have expectancy that God will and does pour out love and solutions to our real situations.

Being “real” is often understated as an important value.  Our heart is to encourage and build an authentic spiritual community where being “real” with each other and God is valued, within a culture of honour.  We are known for our passionate worship, tangible joy, prophetic & healing ministry, friendly environment and pioneering, creative spirit.

Our prayer is that it “would be on earth as it is in heaven”.  Our heart is that you encounter His Presence, be completely revived and fuelled with hope for your life, family and circumstances.

Pour It Out Church understands the need in us each for a sense of “HOME” and the need to belong to family.  Belonging to a church home, where we cheer each other on, exponentially empowers us as a body to impact the Kingdom both locally and globally.



  • Presence Prioritised
  • The Goodness of God
  • Hosting Revival and His Glory
  • Breakthrough Worship
  • Culture of Honour, being the correct recognition of God’s glory in another
  • Family
  • Creativity
  • Generosity and Extravagance
  • Signs, Wonders, Miracles / Supernatural
  • Prophetic Community
  • Empowerment and Equipping
  • Missional lifestyle / Evangelism
  • Authenticity
  • FUN!



We welcome you to join us at Pour It Out Church | Sunshine Coast.  Our hope and heart is that you will be impacted by God’s presence, and walk out feeling better than you walked in!  We speak His very great goodness over your life.




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